About Us

Pink Olive Co. 

“Xanthia! Can you help me with the flowers for my wedding?” This was the genesis of Pink Olive. Back in 2017, before I knew anything, it happened not once or twice but six times within the same year! One thing led to another and here we are - an authentic floral solutions company that brings people and plants together.

We sell gorgeous bespoke bouquets and floral arrangements, host weddings, events and workshops! We‘ve even expanded our business beyond flowers to include floral candles, terrariums, and floral team building packages.

It is our mission to educate and bring meaningful experiences to all our patrons and clients. We hope our story resonates with you and you’ll give us a chance to be a part of yours.

Love, Xanthia Dee Albert


Inspiring Creativity

People need to create. It gives us a chance to express ourselves by adding beauty and meaning into the world. Our workshops are designed to inspire critical thinking while giving participants time to rest and reflect.


Engineering Connectivity

Shared experiences bind people together, building trust and respect between individuals. We create opportunities for your team to converse and interact effectively through collaborative challenges.



Building Community

A sense of belonging is a powerful thing. Communities empower individuals to play an active role in driving their organisations forward. We enable your team to get involved, participate and develop a sense of commitment to your organisation and its cause.