Care Tips

This quick and easy guide will help you keep your cut flowers alive for longer! Whether they're in a vase or pierced into floral foam, we hope that you'll find these tips useful.


  • Avoid direct sunlight - it will bleach your flowers. Instead, place them in a shaded area.


  • Avoid heat - flowers wilt faster in heat so place your flowers in a cool environment. 


  • Avoid fruits - Yes! Fruits release a chemical called ethylene that causes rapid aging of cut plants/flowers around them.


  • Avoid food - Flowers naturally have pollen and it isn't good to ingest it. So make sure your flowers are a safe distance away from your next meal.


  • Avoid pets - Some pollen can be harmful to animals. To play it safe, keep your flowers out of reach from your beloved pets.


  • Tip for Leaves - Don’t let any leaf stay in water for prolong periods. When leaves are in contact with water, they begin rotting. This breeds bacteria growth in the water. Bacteria shortens the lifespan of flowers. We recommend stripping off all leaves near the water so none are submerged.


  • Change the water daily - If they're in a vase, remove the water and add fresh water. If your flowers are pierced into floral foam, just pour some water on the foam to make sure it is sufficiently soaked.